What is an ECG?

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If you’ve ever had any kind of problem with your heart, chances are, your doctor has recommended you get an electrocardiogram (ECG) test.

Symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, and heart palpitations are good causes for an ECG.

This simple test checks your heart’s rate, rhythm, and electrical activity. It’s used to both diagnose and monitor any heart conditions you might be experiencing.

Though it has a similar name, an ECG is different from an echocardiogram, a test that uses sound waves to look at your heart.

When An ECG Heart Test Is Used

An ECG heart monitor is incredibly common for heart conditions and can be used if someone struggles with their heartbeat, breathing, high blood pressure, or if a medical professional simply believes the patient has a problem with their heart.

This test can help determine if you’re dealing with:

  1. Arrhythmias - when your heart is beating too fast, slow, or irregularly.
  2. Cardiomyopathy - a disease of the heart muscle.
  3. Heart attacks - when your heart doesn’t get enough blood.
  4. Coronary heart disease - when your coronary arteries are narrowed and impact your heart’s blood supply.

You might also need an ECG if you’ve recently had a heart attack, have a family history of heart conditions, or have started taking medication for heart disease.

An ECG helps identify any irregularities in your heart and allows your doctor to diagnose the problem correctly.

How it Works

The good news is that an ECG heart monitor is painless and easy to prepare for. In addition, the test can be carried out at home over a period of several days if necessary with minimal interruption to you. It records every single heart beat and provides detailed insight into your heart health.

Electrodes will be attached to your chest during the test. These patches can connect to a static monitor for an instant read-out. Some ECG tests, like the ones we provide, will record the electrical signals that make your heart beat in the tiny device attached to your body. The data is then downloaded so the recordings can be analysed.

The recording machine will gather the information in a graph displayed on the monitor itself or printed paper.

When you take the test on a static machine, movement may impact the test results, so although you can breathe normally, you’ll need to lay still for the few minutes the test will take to complete. When you fit a portable ECG at home you have freedom to move around freely, without disturbing the reading. You can even take a shower while wearing one.

When the test is finished and your doctor has time to analyse the results, you’ll gain insight into any heart condition you might be experiencing and the steps you need to take to avoid future problems.

Taking the test won’t impact your energy levels, doesn’t require anaesthesia, and is simple to self-fit in just a few minutes.

ECG At Home

ECG heart tests are incredibly insightful when it comes to the health of your heart. If you’ve been experiencing any problems or changes with your heart, it’s essential to prioritise this test.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS has been overwhelmed with patients, leaving wait times for an ECG test up to 15 months.

If you need fast, reliable results, you need ECG At Home. We’ve created professionally-fitted ECG home testing by NHS-approved cardiologists.

Our ECG tests can be easily self-fitted in the comfort of your own home. Our experienced cardiology team will compile a clear report on your results, with recommendations that you can share with your GP. You'll get the peace of mind you need knowing you're fully informed about your health and any heart problems you might be facing.

Order your test today and be sure to send us a message if you have any questions.

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Though heart conditions can be alarming, know that our experts are here to help. We'll analyse every single heartbeat recorded on your ECG test to produce a comprehensive report, with recommendations for you to pass on to your GP.

Forget leaving your health to chance. Instead, order your test today and get the vital data you need to take care of your heart.